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In the world of fads, activities refer to things that people... well that people just did.

Many of the activities were just a product of their times (such as fear of nuclear warfare creating the popularity of Fallout Shelters and and the oil embargo crisis creating a need for Mopeds). Others were simply the cool and stylish lifestyle trends of the day (such as the Waterbed and Hot Tubs

Some were just attempts at entertainment as many enjoyed the laid back routine of kicking around a Hacky Sack, while others were more adventurous throwing around a Boomerang. While some chose to play a standard game like Trivial Pursuit, others decided to express themselves by ridingUnicycles.

For whatever reason people pursued them, activity fads kept people entertained and comfortable and added an indelible chapter in the halls of the Bad Fads Museum.



Fallout Shelters - The Bad Fads Museum

Fallout Shelters

Hacky Sack - The Bad Fads Museum

Hacky Sack

Hot Tubs - The Bad Fads Museum

Hot Tubs

Kilroy Was Here - the Bad Fads Museum

Kilroy Was Here




Trivial Pursuit



Waterbed - The Bad Fads Museum