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Pet Rocks

TopPet Rocks


Perhaps the most ridiculous fad of all, the Pet Rock symbolized the silly hearted nature of people which allows most fads to grow.

Created by Gary Dahl (pictured), the rocks were seen as a perfect pet, needing very little maintenance and always behaving, quietly and peacefully.

For a six month period in 1975, the rocks (which were first introduced in the San Francisco area) were given as gifts to friends and family members, packaged in boxes with an owners manual and often with birth certificates or papers so as to affirm purebreed lineage. Though initially just plain rocks, they quickly were sold in a variety of looks, often with small faces painted on, often sold as a group of pebbles, symbolizing a small family.

The Pet Rock - The Bad Fads Museum

It is not difficult to imagine that the popularity of the rocks was short-lived but before they went out of style, more than 5 million had been sold, proving that no matter how ridiculous a concept, millions of people would have no problem making someone else wealthy for daring to present them with it.