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In the Spring of 1974, on the sunny college campuses of Florida and Southern California, the fad of streaking began.

Some did it to cure boredom, while others claimed it was an expression of personal liberation. Whatever the reasoning, streaking became a part of everyday campus life and eventually spread to other public arenas. Some did it as a political protest.

One young man darted through the state legislative chamber of Hawaii proclaiming himself, “the Streaker of the House.” Another exhibitionist streaked for the impeachment of President Nixon in Washington D.C. Those who did it purely for fun tried more creative methods of streaking. Streakers biked across campus at the University of South Carolina, and at the University of Georgia streakers parachuted out of airplanes.

Although attempts to shock others by running naked in a public area continued after that spring, it had become so common that most took no notice. Soon, streaking, like most college spring fads, came to end at the close of the school year.