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Jazzed Up Jeans

TopJazzed Up Jeans


Although not as popular as poodle skirts and cardigans, jazzed up jeans have made a lasting impression on fashion.

Teenage girls started the trend in the 1940’s by adding everything from studs, paint, and patches to their jeans. The most common artwork to find on these jeans were collages of their favorite rock idols.

In the early sixties, these jazzy jeans made a comeback with the flower children. Men and women both became slave to this fashion by spending weeks to get their jeans to look perfect – skintight and faded. Unlike the decals of the forties, jeans from the disco era had a more drug-oriented flavor, as leafy hemp plants and cigarette logos graces thousands of legs.


The trend slowly started to exit the fashion scene around 1974 with the introduction of one person into the fashion arena- Levi Strauss – who introduced designers to the jeans craze.