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Everyone has a hobby or two, sometimes for a lifetime, often for only two weeks.

One of the great hobbies that became a huge fad was the CB Radio craze which became big during the 1974 Oil Embargo among truck drivers but become popular with citizens coast to coast, including the First Lady Betty Ford.

Young boys enthusiastically played with Model Trains and later Slot Cars and while they have diminished in popularity over the years, they have both grown into their own hobby industries. Other hobbies included raising pets and one of the great fads in this realm were Sea Monkeys, a type of brine shrimp that could be "freeze dried" in suspended animation until its new owner was ready to raise them.

After few hobbies were seemingly fraught with danger, however. As seen in the movie "The Exorcist" playing around with a Ouija Board could be fun and exciting, but could have unexpected results. Even more interesting was the Dungeons and Dragons frenzy which let some enthusiasts to cease playing the board game and create a realistic version for themselves, often sinking into the sewer systems in major cities to play out their scenarios. Legends and folklore surround both of these but they are examples of how serious some people take their hobbies, until they are hobbies no more... but lifestyles instead.


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